Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Need a laugh?

This is a pitiful story that I should be too embarrassed about to post...but I figure you might as well have a good laugh at my expense. So here goes...

Once upon a time there was this weird, awkard space between my kitchen and laundry room doors in my house. It needed something, but rather than buying something that didn't really work, my super handy dandy husband made this huge built-in cabinent for me. Awesome right? I loved (note: I said 'Loved') this cabinent. It added so much storage to our kitchen to get all those things I use once a year out of my kitchen cabinents.
Well, it all started on Monday night when Bradley decided to go up to Tech to play basketball with some old friends. Addy woke up coughing and decided she was hungry (yes, we are STILL not sleeping all night). I ran to this cabinent where we keep all things Addy. I grabbed the formula and water and real quick-like mixed a bottle in hopes she would remain half asleep and not wake up completely. In my haste...this is how I left the cabinent as I ran to her room. (She did go back to sleep quickly...Yay!)
Well, it was getting late and I decided I should get ready for work the next day. I remembered I still hadn't folded Addy's laundry and it was still in the dryer. I took off to the laundry room. The back of the house was dark and the cabinent is black. Turns out I am the perfect height to hit the corner of that cabinent door smack above the eye. This is how I look right now...

Tough right? Well despite the fact that the picture is awful, I look ridiculous. I do not remember most of what happened after the accident. I remember standing there trying to get my balance because I hit it hard enough to be knocked back into the wall. I just knew I was going to have a huge bruise. I really don't know how long I stood there trying to get my eyes to focus and get my balance. I made it to the bathroom and saw blood. Again, I stood there. I decided I should probably call Bradley. That is all I clearly remember. I know that I talked to my sister and brother in law (who is an EMT/ paramedic). I know he told me to put a rag on it to stop the bleeding, but I was worried about it sticking since it was so open. So I sat on the couch. Apparently, I was pretty adamant about not going to get it stitched. I don't remember arguing about it, but I don't doubt it. I went to school the next morning in a butterfly. The school nurse looked at it and told me I really needed to go get it to looked at. She thought it really needed stitches. I reluctantly left and headed to the doctor. We finally got in (yes Bradley met me there, and yes I was SUPER scared of getting stitches, and yes even though I have been thru childbirth I was scared of a little needle and thread...completely different). Well lucky for me I waited too late to go in and he couldn't stitch it. He said he thought it needed it, but it would be ok without. He thought it would just scar a little worse. WOOO!! Close call. They put some sort of glue and steri-strips on it. I have had a killer headache the last two days that I can't get rid of and I am sporting this awesome battle scar. All with the lamest story ever to tell. No bad guys or awesome fights...just a cabinent door with no give.

The moral of the story: Don't get in a fight with cabinents. They always win. The End.

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  1. you should really put the picture up of it right after it happened...that pic does not show how bad it really looked.