Thursday, February 11, 2010

7 Months

Hey guys!! Guess what...Mama says I am finally old enough to take over the computer and write my own post. I have been checking this thing out for a while and I think it is pretty awesome. I am seven months today!! WooHoo! I think this is definitely the age to be. I have almost started crawling. You think I am busy now, as soon as I can figure out how to chase that puppy of mine I will have a full time job. I have tried everything to get going. I rev my engine, get in bear crawl position, and DIVE!!! Well, doesn't get me too far at a time, but its what I am going with right now. I love to pull up and stand, but I still can't convince these tasty hands of mine that they need to stay on the bed rails instead of heading to my mouth. At least I have a cushy diaper to land on. I love to play in my jumperoo. I must be growing because if I point my toes I can actually push off the floor. Most of the time I just work on my tap dancing moves. Daddy says its my fast foot speed that is going to get me first place on the track. Mama says I have tap dancing or ballerina potential...blah, blah, blah. I love to sit on the floor and play with my toys. I love my talking monkey, doll, and taggie football. I don't know who invented tags, but I tell you I owe them one big slobbery kiss. Those are the most entertaining things ever, unless the remote is around. You just can't compete with that kind of power. I can channel chase faster than Grandpa or Papa!

Mom says I should tell you how I am eating. That woman has a thing about food. She is constantly trying to feed me this or that. She doesn't seem to worried about my girlish figure I am trying to keep. I try to finish all my bottles. But man there is just too much going on to eat. And when I do eat she thinks I am going to hold my own bottle. Ha! I have her wrapped around my finger. All I have to do is act like I'm just not going to eat if I have to do it, and guess what somebody always grabs that thing and holds it for me. I am a genius! I will not, I repeat...WILL NOT drink a bottle that has been warmed up. Who drinks warm milk...gross! I really don't understand what the fuss is about formula. I prefer solid foods. Not too solid...don't think I am going to put any work into mashing stuff. I have decided I like avocado now. My new favorite is definitely yogurt. Yummmmy! Mom has tried to get me to start feeding myself teething biscuits or those little puffs. I don't think much of those biscuits...too sticky. And those puffs...that requires mashing. Instead I hold them between my lips until it desolves and I swallow. It cracks mom up because I look like I have buck teeth. She really wants a picture, but I love messing with her, so I suck it in just in time for her to miss it! Waahaha! Speaking of pictures. You are talking to America's Next Top Model. I have this posing for pictures down. I don't even have to pay attention. I just see that little yellow light and I turn and smile. Works everytime.

I am completely a daddy's girl. I get so excited when he comes home. I just flap my arms like the cutest penguin you've ever seen. He is hilarious. He blows raspberries on my tummy....good times. Dad is always full of good ideas. I got to ride on the checkout belt at Sams the other day. Mom was freaking out about germs and dirt...she is a little paraniod. I am thinking Daddy and I will have to hang out by ourselves more, or mom will die at an early age. He lets me ride on his shoulders all the time. I just grab hold of his hair and smile wildy! We just bounce around the house like crazy. I have had a few close calls on the doorways, but not too close...I am only 26 inches you know. We still have clearance.
Speaking of size, I am somewhere around fifteen pounds still. I lost a bunch of weight while in the hospital...have you ever had hospital food. That formula was DISGUSTING! I like my good 'ole formula from home...much better! I am almost growing into my 6-9 month clothes. The girlish figure, remember? I still have a few outfits that are 3-6 that are too big for me yet. They make those outfits with some long pants. I am a 3-6month petite...thank you very much!

I have started 'talking.' I was once told that babies are supposed to say "GooGoo, GaGa." I don't really know what it means, but I say it all the time! It just makes mom and dad laugh. They must understand this language. Speaking of laughing, I have mama and daddy rolling all the time now. I love to be silly to get attention. I yell real loud and then just give the biggest grin you have ever seen on this sweet face! Hi-lar-ious!! Mom and dad laugh so hard, that I get tickled too.

I still love my pacifier. I don't really need it to calm me down or anything, its just a great teether. I love to put it in myself. If I see that thing I grab it and shove it in. You should see how fast I am at it. I can ever stick it in and flip it around with my tongue. Then I pull it right back out and chew on it. Well, gum it to death. I still don't have teeth. No biggy.

Ok, well mama says that I should get off of here and head to bed. I don't know about that, but I am all for a bath. That is the best tasting water ever! I love to splash and kick. As long as the water has already been run before I get there. I do not like that huge dark tunnel that shoots water down into the bathtub. SCARY! Well got to washcloth is waiting!

These are some really cute shoes that Mom bought me today. She LOVES them and I can't wait to wear them!

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