Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daddy & Addy

Law school does not start back for Bradley until next week so he has gotten to spend the week with our little monkey. He was planning to work full time this week, but since Addy had been away from home for two weeks over Christmas and has been battling ear infections and congestion...we both thought it would be better for her to stay home and get back to a routine again. Bradley has really enjoyed being able to spend so much time with Addy. I have been insanely jealous of his time off and can barely get myself to work each morning! Grrr... But there is nothing more special than a father daughter bond. These two definitely have a close relationship. Here is a few pictures I took of my daddy's girl playing with Bradley when I got home today.
Tonight when Addy got a little fussy from being tired we went to play in the mirror. She absolutely loves her own reflection. She will play in a mirror for a long time. I couldn't seem to snap the picture in time to get her smiling at herself...but this one is pretty cute too.


  1. Absolutely adorable! She is so cute! It is awesome that Bradley is able to spend so much time with her this week. We miss you guys!

  2. starting a little early on the video games are we, Bradley?! :D

  3. Leslee..Thanks! We miss you guys to! Hope all is going well!

    Liv..Yeah he was pretty proud she was strong enough to hold it with one hand already! Ha!