Wednesday, January 13, 2010

6 Months

My baby girl is 6 months old today! Where has time gone? I don't even really know where to begin with this post. My sweet girl is growing up all to fast. She has exploded in her development these last couple of weeks. We are constantly amazed by her changes and growth. Needless to say, I have been a little on the sentimental side today. Big shocker right? Well it didn't help that I had to run an errand that happen to be right by the hospital I delivered in. I sat at a four way stop across from it and shed a joyful tear as a reminisced over the last 6 months. The anxiety and fear that I felt as I entered those hospital doors has long been overshadowed by the pure joy of walking back out with the healthiest, strongest, and sweetest little girl we could have ask for. I do not think it is a suprise to anyone to say that Miss Addy was not a planned arrival. Bradley and I had been married for about four months. We were completely scared to bring a little one into our home. We both wondered how life would change and how we would provide for a baby. Well let me just say that Boy! has life changed!! We do not drag out of bed in the mornings anymore...we race to her room to get the first morning cuddles. We do not fight over the remote or what to watch...we forget we have a TV because making Addy laugh is the best entertainment around. We don't find reasons to go out every night for something to do...all the fun we want is right here at home. We have made many adjustments to our lifestyle, but we have made many, many more improvements. I can only imagine what the next six months are going to hold for us!! Now on to all those amazing things my little monkey is up to....

  • Addy is eating 6 ounces every four hours still. She is eating solid food twice a day and LOVES it!! She has been introduced to four veggies and five fruits. Her favorites seem to be sweet potatoes and peaches. She even eats peas like a champ. The only food that she has refused is avocados. We haven't given up yet, but she hasn't thought much of them this far. She is also drinking from a sippy cup with every solid meal. She doesn't get much water from it, but she loves to suck on it. We have to hide it until the end of the meal or she won't eat because she is reaching for the cup.

  • I am a little nervous to put it on the blog and make it official.....but here goes. Addy is sleeping through the night!! We have establish a great bedtime routine and she eats a full eight ounces before laying down all by herself. We give hugs and kisses and put her in bed with a little music. She puts herself to sleep and for the last five days she has drifted off without a pacifier even.

  • Speaking of pacifier she has nearly broke herself from it. Even if we give it to her to lay down she usually pulls it out before she falls asleep. She stills uses it at daycare and on fussy days, but the usage has gone way down.

  • She sits up by herself completely unaided. We still sometimes rely on the boppy to break falls if we aren't sitting beside her, but she rarely even falls. She has also began making the transition to her tummy from sitting up. It takes her a while and she grunts and wiggles until she is on her belly...which usually ends in wanting to sit back up and start over.

  • She is rolling baby. Almost every time we lay her down she rolls onto her tummy and crashes.

  • She is still not crawling. She has began to push her rear in the air, bear crawl style. She will also pull her knees under her and rock and then flop back on the belly. She seems to be very frustrated that she can't figure out how to go. I am sure that means it won't be long and she will be scooting everywhere. Let the baby proofing begin.

  • She is still the biggest blankie girl ever. She cannot go to sleep without her fluffy blanket. It is her security. Now that she is six months the state allows the daycare to put a blanket in the crib with her, so hopefully that will translate into longer naps during the day.

  • Still no teeth! I am not looking forward to the teething wars.

  • Addy is FINALLY on a schedule. This has been the greatest stress reliever ever for me...and I really think that is why she started sleeping through the night. If only we weren't stupid first time parents. Everyone always says the first is the guinea pig...and I did manage to survive! Haha! Bradley put her on the schedule last week when he was home. After only a week she got it down and we have been able to easily maintain it.

Now for more pictures from this month.

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  1. She is too adorable...I love to see all the fun pictures of her!