Monday, December 7, 2009

Sick Baby

Well Addy is sick for the first time...and it is no fun! I just bragging YESTERDAY about how lucky we are that she hasn't been sick at all, just occasional running nose. Well she woke up this morning with a fever and none to happy. I took her to the doctor and she has a double ear infection. Poor girl. We caught them very early though, so we avoided a lot of pain for her. She is on two different meds that should wipe them out. The fever is still lingering, but slowly breaking. These are the days that it is soooooo hard to not be a stay at home mom. I got to be with her today, but back to work tomorrow. Bradley is going to stay with her tomorrow. He's amazing. It will be a crazy day for him. There is a realtor open house tomorrow from nine to noon, so he will have to take Addy to my sisters and hang out for a while. Hopefully she will be a little better by tomorrow. She hasn't been very fussy at all, which is great. Instead, she just slept the day away. She would wake up and eat and then crash again. She played for about twenty minutes this afternoon before wearing out. Her eating has been very sporadic and she isn't finishing bottles. I am thinking that this is just one more way she is like her daddy. Bradley, who refuses to see a doctor for anything short of dying, insists you can sleep anything off. Well, mom thinks a little medical intervention never hurt anyone. So we combined our remedies...sleep and antibiotics!

So as you can tell I changed my background again. I enjoy finding new backgrounds. I wanted to display some of the pictures we attempted to take this last weekend, but was completely unsuccessful. It wasn't to chilly, but windy. I now realize that Addy's fit was probably due to the cool wind blowing in her ears....Bad Mama!!

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