Monday, November 2, 2009

New Finds

I don't have any great pictures of Addy to put up...but I have an amazing discovery I had to share!! I found a website that I have fell in love with! It has the cutest handwriting and scrapbooking fonts all FREE! I love new fonts and I love free stuff even more! The tutorials on the page are so easy to follow if you are unsure how to download the fonts. I also used it to figure out how use a fun font for my blog titles and dates. It was time consuming, but not too hard. However, as easy as that was, I have yet to get my header to work like I want! Grrr... I can't get it all centered and placed right. Its a work in progress.

I hope all had a great Halloween. We just went to my sisters for dinner. Addy spent all of thirty minutes in her costume. She then slept the rest of the trick or treating night away. She does not do well at all to be out past her bedtime. She requires nearly twelve hours of sleep a night. Therefore, it is super hard for us to do anything in the evenings. I can't complain...she is just saving us money! :) haha! We I need to go wash the never ending stack of bottles. Don't forget to check out my new favorite website! If you are a digital scrapbooker you HAVE to see the fun fonts!

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