Friday, October 30, 2009

New Job and Extra Sleep!

I officially have a job!! I started today as an interventionist at Parsons Elementary here in Lubbock. I am SO excited to have a place to go every morning as well as steady income. It obviously isn't my own classroom, but it will be great. It is the same place that I did my long term substituting last spring, so I am familiar with the school. I LOVE it there! It has been the greatest place ever to sub! The teachers are phenomenal and it provides so many oppurtunities for me to learn great things that hopefully one day (soon) I will get to use myself. Yay!! God is good! Thanks for all the prayers on my job search.

A quick update on Addy Rae...she is growing too fast! She has stretched her feedings out to every four hours and is eating about 4 1/2 ounces each time. She is also now sleeping about eight hours straight at night consistently. She goes down at eight o'clock every night and usually gets up to eat around three or four. Then she gets up for the day around seven. Unfortunately, Bradley & I don't get to bed at eight, so we still aren't getting eight straight hours of sleep, but we are so thankful we are getting as much as we do. I really think it won't be long and she will make it all night. Addy's daycare had a photographer come today to take 'school' pictures of the children. They were very tickled today telling me that Addy wouldn't have any of the photographer. She did not like it one bit, so they kept trying to calm her back down and try again. The photographer hung around all morning just to try and get Addy to take a happy picture. Apparently it was still unsuccessful! Haha! Goofy girl!

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