Saturday, October 24, 2009

My New Trick

I just learned yesterday how to put group text onto I had to try it! Thanks Natalie! :)
(NO I am Not a computer wizard, by any standards!)

Just a quick update on Miss Addy. We had to go the doctor on Monday. She had been having major issues eating. She would be starving, but when she began to suck it would result in a hysterical screaming fit. Over and over we would do this, taking forever to finish a bottle. I thought it might have been the milk..something I ate, but she did it with her formula bottle also. Dr. Brodbeck prescribed Levsin for her. It is a smooth muscle relaxer. It is a medicine for extreme cases of colic. She doesn't have colic, but for whatever reason her muscle are cramping up when she tries to eat. The medicine seems to be working great! We still have a little trouble occasionally, but overall we have seen huge improvements! Yay! Another note....she is offically out of the cradle!! We have been doing great at night. Last night she slept for 11 hours, with one feeding! It has taken three months, but I think we about have a good routine set. She is sleeping longer at daycare, rather than her little catnaps. She takes great long naps at home now!! (Like right now!) :) My little sweetie is growing so much.

Check back for Tech pictures. Tonight is the big A&M game! Wreck 'Em Tech!

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