Friday, August 28, 2009

Day Care Begins!

My little girl is growing up so fast!! She started at Christ the King daycare yesterday! Talk about a sad day for mom! It was so hard to leave her! She did not sleep all day though. She hates to sleep flat on her back, so everytime they would lay her down, those eyes would pop open! When she got home she crashed and slept all evening. We could not hardly get her to wake up and eat her bottles! We had to about torture her to see eyeballs! (I don't really torture my daughter! :)) Today was a better day. She slept twice for about an hour. When we got there to pick her up she was happy as could be just looking at a mobile. The teacher said she had been enthralled with it for over thirty minutes! She is getting so much more alert and active. She is doing great at night. I really feel that she will be sleeping through the night in several weeks. She just usually gets up once to eat and goes back down! She is getting smiley as well. She loves to play patty cake! She has just discovered her tongue and really has control of it. It's hilarious! Everything that she can, she just licks. Almost like a little puppy, her tongue just goes like crazy licking it! She especially loves to lick Bradley and I, or her Pooh! He takes quite the beatings when she is hungry! I can't believe how fast she is growing and changing! It won't be long and she will be scooting. She is still so curious and concerned with her surroundings. She still doesn't really like tummy time and often will just flip herself over instead. She is getting better at really pushing up and is starting to get a little clearance. We have a blast watching her learn new things!

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