Friday, May 23, 2014

State Track

So every senior year track career must come to an end....but what is better than the end being as far as you could possibly advance!!!

Hannah competed at the state track meet in Austin on May 10th. Of course, there was no way this side of heaven I was missing that race!!!

Well my amazing sister in law came to the house to watch the girls for us so Bradley and I could just make the quick trip alone!! Needless to say, we were pretty excited about the road trip all to ourselves!

We stopped at Hooters in Round Rock for some yummy wings! It is definitely a guilty pleasure that we only get to enjoy sans kids!

Then we finished up our drive and made it to the stadium!! It was so nice to not have to fight the crowd with kids! We passed Hannah's team enjoying some shade on our way in!  

Even though I have been to the Mike Myers stadium more times than I can count, it has to be the best, most exciting feeling ever to enter that place. Memories rush back to Bradley and I and we definitely get a little sentimental!
Ahhh.... the hot, humid air, loud screaming, Austin skyline in the background...

Hannah's team didn't run the race of their life like they did at regional, in fact, they had a very off day. They came in 8th place overall.


I know the girls felt a great disappointment in their race, but it didn't wipe the smiles off of our faces! I must admit that it was with huge tears that I watched my sister finish her last race running down the home stretch in the 'big house.' In fact, it is making me tear up all over again writing this! I could not have been prouder of the way she finished her season!
My mom and sisters!
Hannah and her bro in laws! The funny thing about this picture is how hard they work to make it actually look so awkward! These two have been around since Hannah was in elementary! They definitely fill the ornery, mean, protective big brother role!

Love this girl!

 And one of Coach Neu and Hannah!

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