Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Elliotte is 6 Months!

Happy Half Birthday Elliotte!

Oh man. What is it about 6 months that makes me feel sappy.

My little angel is growing, but not too fast! Haha! She is only 15 pounds even and 26.8 inches tall.  Her weight is the in the 25th Percentile and height is right under the 50th percentile. She is in 6 month clothes still, barely, and recently moved up to size 3 diapers. Two little bottom teeth have also popped up this month!

Elliotte is sitting up by herself now. She has caught up on every physical milestone. She is a champion roller and is just starting to scoot. She loves her jumperoo and anything that crinkles.

Elliotte is still an eating champ. She is nursing 6 or 7 times in a day. She has recently been introduced to oatmeal as I already stated, but since has also started yummy food! There will be a separate post coming about that soon! She LOVES to eat and I LOVE watching her do it!

She is a serious little gal. We joke about her 'look.' She has frequent stranger anxiety and still wants her mama all the time. She thinks that she should be held and involved in whatever it is I am doing. She is little Miss grabby hands these days. Her helping often involves a mess!

This is "The Look"....

The biggest change I have seen this month with Elli is her obsession with Addy. She hasn't been to sure about her and really hasn't tried to interact with her until this month. She loves rolling around with her on the floor. Addy will try to pick Elli up and it makes them both just crack up! Elli is constantly watching Addy and loves to try and get her! It is a precious bond that they have!!

Elliotte has definitely become a softie for her daddy lately too! She loves to play with him. He often gets a dirty look if he blows one to many raspberries on her belly though! She has even cuddled up and fell asleep on him several times, which of course just melts him!

Elli loves, no LOVES being outside. She will sit in her outside swing all day. She enjoys the swimming pool, and every single time falls asleep. She is a beach babe at heart!

Elliotte is now getting to sit up in the bathtub, which means it was time for her first bath with sister! It was a blast and they both enjoyed it tons!

My nocturnal little sweetie is still not sleeping through the night. We did some serious sleep training and it included naps. I can say that we have great naps through the day, but we still get up once to nurse. However, even though she only nurses once, the girls wakes SO many times a night. She really is a light sleeper and is up constantly at night. She is a belly sleeper now that she can roll both ways.

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