Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blue Cupcakes

So anyone who has a girl is probably familiar with this book.
(If your not, get yourself to a bookstore quick!!)
Addy is currently in love with this book. In it the little girl turns pink from eating so many pink cupcakes. Addy has been begging to make pink cupcakes.
So yesterday, we did. However, she then decided that blue would be a better blue cupcakes it was!
It was a messy job.

 But after baking and doing her own icing from a bad, she was very pleased with the results!
Then we had to taste them of course! Addy was so cautious with each bite. She kept saying, "I hope I don't turn blue!"

Once the cupcake was gone, she very carefully checked over her arms, legs, belly, and hair to make sure she did not turn blue! She gleefully ran out of the bathroom and shouted, "I'm still ME!!"


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