Sunday, March 3, 2013

Elliotte 2 Months

Miss Elli is now 2 months old!

Her two month check up included 5 shots and an oral vaccine...poor girl! She screamed through the entire visit and the shots made her feel pretty crummy the rest of the day.
Her stats were:
Weight: 10 pounds 10 ounces
Height: 22 inches
This month she has changed a lot! Including my favorite new trick she does...smiling! She is a very sweet little girl. Right after she eats it is all smiles! She has started really cooing and finding her voice. She just in the last couple of days has begun to yell. She is finding out she has volume control.

 She also has begun to play more with her activity gym or swing mobile. She often talks to it and will hit it with her hands and feet. She does get overstimulated really quick. She really prefers to spend time laying on the floor with nothing over or around her. She loves to stare at the ceiling fan still.
Tummy time is definitely not this little girl's favorite time. In fact, at her two month visit the pediatrician told me she needed more of it. She is just now starting to attempt to hold her head up off the floor rather than screaming and attempting to shove her head into the floor. She has managed to flip herself from tummy to back one time.
Elliotte is no more a sleeper than her sister was. We had gotten into a groove of getting up about one time a night, but she got sick and that threw a huge wrench into our nights and we can't seem to get back to where we were. Right now I am getting up 3 times a night....yes, still three! She goes to bed at 8 and is usually up at 11:30, 2:30, 5, and then up for the day about 7:30.
Speaking of getting sick...Elli's second month of life already included an ER visit with an RSV diagnosis. This little girl fought it off quickly and recovered well!
Eating is still hit or miss with Elli. She is exclusively breast fed. Occasionally, she gets her milk from a bottle, but I am mostly nursing. She either eats extremely well, or not hardly at all. No middle ground!

Elliotte is a pretty laid back baby. That is as long as we are home. I am assuming it's just because we don't get out a lot with her, but she turns into a hysterical screamer the minute she is put into the car. She will eventually fall asleep if we are going on a highway trip, but just around town....oh no! Every time we hit the brakes and slow down or stop, she screams. The second we accelerate she will calm down. It's quite hilarious.

She LOVES her big sister. She often smiles at her and just watches intently if Addy is doing something nearby. It is too sweet!
She has already started getting snuggles from the sweet ladies in the nursery at church. So far she has been quite the little angel.

She is Mama's little girl right now. She definitely loves for me to hold her and often insists that I spend lots of time snuggling with her. I don't mind...she's growing too fast to let those moments pass!

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