Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 Years old!

Miss Addy had a big birthday yesterday! We have officially hit the terrible two's!! Luckily they aren't too terrible yet, but she is sure figuring out the tantrum throwing! She went for her 2 year checkup yesterday. My poor little kid is still sooooo little! Our pediatrician seem just a bit concerned, not necessarily with her size, but that her growth curve just continues to drop at every well check. We are still just monitoring her eating closely. He even commented that sometimes it takes to age 6 for kids to really level out their curve. So here are the big girl stats:

Height: 32inches                          25th Percentile
Weight: 23 Pounds                      10th Percentile

That is a very generous weight too for Addy. She loves to weigh at home, and has never been above 22 pounds.
 However, she is ridicously scared of the ri-dic-u-lous-ly scared.
I mean, screaming bloody murder in the first 3 seconds when we tried to get her to stand on the scale.
Not happening.
 So we tried sitting on the infant scale.
She just about managed to bail off the cabinet before the nurse caught her.
So how did we get her weight??
I weighed myself, and held her (still kicking and screeeeammming) and did the math.
Totally accurate...
and I am back to dieting after seeing myself on the scale. :)

Anyway, all that to say that eating is still the only issue my little bug has. She is talking away, potty trained, smart as a whip, and scrawny!

I can't believe Addy is 2!! She is so much fun! She loves to do everything herself and then shouts,
She is very prissy and often gets very concerned with the least amount of dirt on her hands or feet.
 She knows all her colors and can regularly point them out.
She counts to 10 with no prompting.
She is an animal nut! However, petting dogs scares her like crazy!
She is still wearing mostly 18 month clothes with some 12 months thrown in.
And then occasionally I have to buy a 24 month shirt to fit.
She is just now moving up to size 5 shoes.
She has learned several shapes and can point them out.
Getting Addy to try new things is an impossible task. She needs time to warm up to anything new.
And I mean days. Even silly things like new shoes, or jewelry. She refuses to touch things at first, but after a day or two of seeing it around, she will usually go for it.
She is still doing awesome with the potty training. She now naps in panties, and soon will be done with pull ups at night. She almost always wakes up dry in the mornings!
I love you Addyson Rae!

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