Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

We had a good relaxing Father's Day today! We didn't do anything too special, just got to relax at home with our little family of 3. Addy did have lots of fun helping Bradley open his present she got him!!
Lots of shirts and ties for her daddy as he starts his career!

And then Daddy blew some bubbles with Addy that just cracked her up!! She had so much fun!!
And this was the face we got when the bubbles were over...
Way to work that pouty lip!
Happy Fathers Day to the best Daddy!
Thank you for reading me books every night before bed,
thank you for letting me fly super man style all around the house way after your arms are wore out,
thank you for running up the stairs to the apartment with me as fast as you can just to make me laugh,
thank you for the constant game of chase and hide and go seek that you so willingly play,
thank you for being so patient with me as I refuse your help to get dressed,
thank you for dressing my baby again after you just did and I tore the clothes off just to watch you put them back on,
thank you for giving up your TV time so I could watch Elmo again,
thank you for making eating our fruit and veggies a race so that I don't mind eating so much,
thank you for getting up at night and laying with me occasionally when I can't sleep,
thank you for giving mama some time alone so she isn't too crazy from being with me all day everyday,
thank you for teaching me to golf, jump, throw the Frisbee and score with the football,
thank you for all the times you really needed to study, but instead you laid on the floor and built towers for me to knock over,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Love you Dada

Also, Happy Fathers day to 2 of the greatest fathers on Earth, Grandpa and Papa!

Addy & Grandpa

Addy & Papa
Bradley & I wish that we could have spent Fathers Day with our daddies, but love you very much and are so grateful for the sacrifices you made for us through all these years! Two great men that worked so hard for their wives and children, are are now equally as awesome Grandpas!!

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