Monday, May 2, 2011

Ring Bearers Beware...

This weekend we headed home for the wedding of a dear friend, Kaylee. She was in our high school class with Bradley and I. Kaylee was in our wedding, and Addy was in hers! She asked Addy to be the flower girl many months ago. I have fretted over my kid being the one kicking and screaming down the aisle, totally ruining a special moment.
Well, in true Addy-fashion, she bee-bopped up the aisle laughing the whole way. The church was giggling at how much fun she had running up to the front. (I may or may not have been peeking out of the front aisle holding her bear...) I was ready for whatever it took.However, she LOVED it and wanted to go back down again after the wedding started. She didn't make it through the ceremony, and she is present in very few pictures, but we MADE IT UP THE AISLE!!

I was so preoccupied with everything going on and getting Addy up the aisle, that I took very few pictures. I will definitley be ordering some from the photographers though!! Here two that show her adorable outfit! The tutu was huge, but she loved wearing a tutu like Kaylee!

After the wedding we headed to the reception with one tired little flower girl. She made it about five minutes before my mom headed over to get her. One of the Awesome things about being at near family!! Bradley and I got to spend the evening hanging out with some good friends. Its amazing how you pick up where you left off with old friends!

All 5 of us girls were Class of '05 at Lindsay!
Are these not the COOLEST favors ever!
Cody rocking the shades

Christy & I
Bradley & Cody...Classmate & Cousin
Bradley and Kaylee dancing during the 'dollar dance!'
And Kaylee and I...she was absolutely gorgeous!!

So glad we got to be there for your special day Kaylee! Loved it all!!

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