Monday, May 30, 2011

Health Update

I figured I would give a quick health update on myself... I wish I had more news than I do. On May 18th I had another Mini-stroke (TIA) or WHATEVER in the world it is. My rheumatologist got me into the neurologist next day. I went and had an MRA that afternoon. That was to actually check the movement of blood in the brain to try and pinpoint where these clots were forming, or if there was anything obviously wrong in the flow of blood. Fortunately, there was no sign of clotting or any major problems found. Unfortunatley, we still don't have answers. I am experiencing a little more problems with the lupus also. I am getting the rashy skin issues, the fatigue has been more of a problem lately, and just overall health has been a guessing game from day to day. These two mini strokes have both been most likely stress related, TAKS the first time and graduation the second time.

As for our next step, my neurologist wants me to see a specialist in epilespy. I am NOT ok with that. I have been tested for epilespy in the past with every possible test there is, much to no avail. I do not have seizures, I don't roll around, I don't bite my tongue, I just 'shiver' uncontrollably is how Bradley puts it. I am going to go this summer to a doctor in Dallas that specializes in antiphospholipid sydrome. He is actually an oncologist, but has done numerous amounts of research in this specific disease. I am pryaing that he will help make things a little more clear and give me a better idea of what this all means for my health.

I have been so blessed that I have not had a full blown stroke. I have never even had any real side effects from these 'episodes!' Or maybe I have had so much brain damage, I  am unaware of them! :) Just think of how smart I might have been! Haha...I wish!

Thanks for all your concern and prayers as we continue to seek medical advice. As annoying as my 'issues' are I really an grateful that I am still able to enjoy my summer! Life could be so much rougher, but we are blessed!

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