Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Job in the World!!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!! I am so blessed to have such a giving and loving mother! She has been a great mentor as I travel down the path of motherhood myself. Mom is always been so giving of herself for the three of us girls, and continues to show the same love to my Addy! Love you Grannie!!

I have also been given a wonderful Mother-in-law! She is so fun to shop with and talk about all things girly!! She is too good at spoiling her only granddaughter! Love you Nana!!

As for me, well I had the absolute best weekend ever!! It was full of relaxation and lots of family time together! Addy spoiled her mama rotten this weekend. I am so incredibly thankful that Bradley is so thoughtful, and is so good at coming up with ways for Addy to show the same love!

Yesterday, prior to our swim, Addy sent me off to an hour massage! It was DIVINE!!!
Today, we had a perfect Sunday!
After church we ate a McAlisters,  where Addy ate a quarter grill cheese, cheetos, tons of melon and drank ALL her milk! Could not have asked for a better lunch!
Then we came home and ALL enjoyed a nap!!

After nap, we did a little more swimming!

Then we planted some flowers together! Bradley is so full of sweet ideas! He and Addy picked out flowers that we could plant together instead of fresh flowers that would die. We had fun planting, and especially watering!

Love this little girl! I am so proud to be her mama, it is the most rewarding job ever!
Love my Addy Rae!!

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