Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Running Free

We enjoyed family day for the 3L Law students at Maxey Park the other day in celebration of graduation nearing!!! Yay!!! Well we did very little socializing and lots of running! Addy was SO excited the minute we got there to go "Side." We spent most of the time sliding down the same slides.

Can you sense the excitement?


  1. Can we arrange Kason's marriage to Addy? She is too precious and I think the two of them could get along well...plus I wouldn't mind you guys being the in-laws! Glad little Addy had fun at the park. We need to plan another playdate seeing that is one of Kason's favorite places to go. Love ya!

  2. We should totally plan the playdate!! We have never been, but Addy was in heaven!!

    Definitely on the marriage!! I totally don't get to see you enough and Kason would be such a catch!!Haha, Love it!!