Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review

Where has 2010 gone? What a year! My little family of three has had quite a year! We have been blessed beyond measure this year. I can only imagine what 2011 will have in store for us!

We started 2010 off with a week long hospital stay. Addy had RSV so bad she needed oxygen for several days.

The second month of 2010 Addy learned to pull up!...and I lost the fight with the cabinet.

Addy got her first two teeth in!

Addy said MAMA for the first time as she reached for me! And she began standing on her own without assistance.

Addy got to go swimming for the first time & I enjoyed my first mother's day.

JUNEAddy began walking!! & Bradley and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary!

Guess who turned ONE YEAR OLD!!!

I got a JOB!!!
...and Bradley reminded me why I married him!

SEPTEMBERThis was a busy month! Bradley & I joined the church, Bradley was baptized, We took our annual Chuck E. Cheese trip, and......we got rid of the pacifier!!!

We bought a new car!
Addy took her infamous school pictures.

Addy wore her first ponytail!!

We did lots of celebrating, made a devastating visit to Santa, and a pneumonia trip to the ER.

WOW!!! What a year full of milestones! So much fun to go back and remember all these special times! Welcome 2011...I have big plans for you!!

**I still have a Christmas post coming from the Erwin side, picture issues, remember?**

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