Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poor Baby

Miss Addy is not feeling so hot. She developed a cough and cold around Sunday night. I didn't think a whole lot of it because she has had one cold and then another for a few months now. Well I was called yesterday at 3pm to say that she was at daycare and running a 101 fever. I rushed over to get her. As we got home and the evening progressed her breathing just worsened. She was having so much trouble at one point that she was grunting with every breath. She was wheezing so bad and totally out of it. We decided around 8pm last night to take her in to the ER. 
Believe or not, she really was in pretty good spirits. Until the nurses and doctors came in. 
And a chest x-ray, rsv test, breathing treatment, and lots of listening to her heart (which scares her more than ANYTHING!), she was diagnosed with pneumonia in her right lung. Luckily, we caught it very early and she should be feeling better in a week or so!
In the meantime, lots of antiobiotics, breathing treatments, and snuggle time with Mama!


  1. OK. That made me REALLY sad!!! Call if you need anything!

  2. Poor baby. I hope she starts feeling better soon!