Monday, November 29, 2010

The Erwin Side

We had a great Thanksgiving break spending time with my family. I am usually so good getting out the camera at Bradley's parents when there are plenty of kiddos running around, but I fail to think about it everytime with my family!!! I didn't get a single picture with either of my sisters in it!!! GRRR!!!

We got to also spend some time Sunday afternoon with my mother's side of the family. Let me just tell you this is more like a county fair with all the people and food galore! My mom was one of 9 children!! I honestly don't even know the count on grandchildren or great grandchildren, but it is LOTS!!! Addy was a little overwhelmed at first by all the kids running around, but she joined in quick! She also loved the animals that live next door to Grandma Sicking!
 Addy & Grandpa (my dad) looking at the Moo Moos
 More Moo Moos please Grandpa!!!
 Grandma (my mom) and Addy outside of Grandma's HUGE house.
Addy gobbling up some yummy green beans!!

We had a lot of fun and as usual there was not nearly enough time to stay as long as we wish we could have! 


  1. Technically, I think this should be called "The Sicking Side"...just sayin...

  2. Yeah, Yeah....technically

    I need you people to make me take more pictures!