Friday, November 26, 2010

Dinner is Served!

Ever been to Muenster? I would tell you to get a map and look it up, but its probably not on the map. But, this is definitely worth a trip to this small German community. Welcome to Rohmer's! (ROW-mers) My aunt, uncle and cousin own this family restaurant. Thanks to the hundreds of tables I waited at Rohmer's, I managed to buy my first car and save up for college. Bradley & I always look forward to finding time while we are home to make a stop by and stuff our faces with the best homecooked menu around!
 Rohmer's has bowls of butter that you can play with. Hours of entertainment right here!!
  Yummy food to keep anyone happy!!
 After scarfing down the best chicken fried chicken you have ever tasted, we were all smiles!!!  Almost!

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