Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Social

This Saturday night Bradley & I hosted our Sunday School class's October Social with Fajitas & Pumpkin Carving! It was so much fun! We will definitely have to do it again!

Miss Landri talking to her mommy...such a sweet little girl!
David & Elisabeth...they will be welcoming Baby George any day now!
Everyone getting started on their pumpkins!
Tyler, the architect in the bunch, spent most of the night hand sketching his carving plans!
John Lofton got to come play with Addy! This is one cute little man!
Somehow Addy mananged to get filthy in record time!
These two had a lot of fun together! They both got to stay up way past their bedtime, but had so much fun. Especially with the bubbles! However, by the end of the night they were both pretty happy to wave 'bye bye' and get some sleep! We will definitely have to play again John Lofton!

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