Thursday, October 14, 2010

15 Months

Let me just begin this post by very seriously saying that I am in complete deniel that Addy is so old. I have now been a mother the majority of my marriage. This little girl has been changing and growing so much lately. She is just unbelievable with that little sponge mind of hers. Addy's 15 month check up was today and here is the stats:

Height: 29.2 inches (25th percentile)
Weight: 21 lbs 3 oz (25th percentile)
Head: 17.8 cm (45th percentile)
Basically, these translate as a teensy little girl who is just now wearing 9 month jeans. (seriously!) Know any little girls that want to take the millon pairs  of 18 month jeans I have bought in preparation for winter?? (Next year, I just know they will fit then!) Hee, hee. I kid, but I love my petite little girl!

The biggest new thing that Addy now does is talking. At her first birthday she was saying a few words beyond mama and dada, but randomly and not clearly. But now....well here is a quick list of the words I can remember right now.
  • puppy
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Uh-Oh
  • Diaper
  • Purple
  • Book
  • Duck
  • Ball
  • Cracker
  • Keys
  • Bible
  • Baby
  • Night Night
  • Bubble
  • Bow
  • Elmo
  • Yeah (this is a new one that she says all the time. Any question I ask, and she grins and says YEEEAH!!)

That is just what I can remember. It is crazy how she will just blurt out a word. For instance, the other morning after she got dressed I said, "Addy I love your purple shirt!" She grinned and said, "Puh-ple." Seriously, and now she says it all the time . That one is usually just repeated, but most are used on her own in the correct context. I read on a couple of websites that it is 'normal' (whatever that is) for kids at 15 months to say mama, dada, and then three to six others words!! I knew I was raising a supestar! I have been so worried about her lack of vocabulary. And seriously folks, the majority of those words have been spoken the first time in the last month. 
Addy is also able to shake her head no, which is honestly hilarious. You wouldn't believe the thought that goes into her no head shaking, and it still usually is a just some crazy head spinning. Ha!

She is also beginning to feed herself with a spoon. She loves it is SO dainty. She doesn't spill at all to her mouth. It is a very delicate process. However, after a couple minutes at that fine handy work, she decides diving in with the fingers is much more efficient. She is also learning to play pretend. She will get pillows off the couch and lay down, saying, "Nigh-Night." Then she jumps up grinning, and so the game goes. She also loves to put her shoes on and off and brush her hair! She will often ask for a bow and then try to put it in her hair. Often she needs more than one in to be satisfied with her do!

She is getting super fast! We seriously have to keep an eye on her. She will often 'Jet' as soon as we put her down in public. Her gross motor skills are also so visibly improving daily. She loves to climb stairs and is quick at going up them. She does a great job going down while holding a hand. She loves to sit on things right now. We actually went the other night and bought her a little foam chair. Now she plops down in her chair and looks at books, or drinks her milk.

Speaking of books, reading is Addy's all time favorite activity. She constantly brings us a book and then will pat her legs, which means she wants to sit in our lap and read it. She loves to turn pages and especially loves the touch and feel books. Another thing that Addy loves is being outside. She is so content to just roam around watching Sally, or climbing our front step.

I am just adoring this age right now. Like I said she is seriously picking up so many amazing new things each day. She really soaks in all the attention she can get, and is beginning to really be able to have conversations with us, which usually goes something like,

"Addy are you ready to go take a bath?"


"Ok, go get your ducks and put them in the tub."

"DUCK" she runs off to get them.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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