Thursday, August 12, 2010

Drumroll please....


a third grade math and science position at Brown Elementary.

I am so excited, scared, overwhelmed, overjoyed, and totally exhausted. I knew this would be a booger to get into, but man I am so tired a mere week into the job. The information overload is unreal. I have even been working for the district in one form or another the last two years. So I have done attendance, gradebook, used their email, been in technology trainings, etc. I cannot imagine just walking in from college and entering the district. My head would be spinning for weeks. I have been relentlessly working in my room for the last many nights. I am taking the position of a man that went from elementary to high school coaching. Apparently, organization isn't his any man's strongpoint. It has taken me just until today to start putting things back on shelves. My inner teacher came out and I have those manipulatives organized, all together and labeled on shelves. Bullentin boards are close and desks are arranged. I am working on lesson plans and preparing materials for the first few weeks. LISD just adopted a new scope & sequence called CSCOPE. I feel sure if you have a pulse an education interest than you have heard about this Big Dog. I actually think it will be so great to use as a first year teacher. It is as black and white as can be. Make this, do this. Yes sir, done and done. But the amount of material prep is going to take some getting used to. Just my list of materials for the first day is so taunting I can't figure out which angle to tackle it from. But enough, I am breaking out in hives thinking about it again. Ha!
I am so pumped about starting this new year. I definitely have my work cut out for me, but I am anxious to get this year started and dig in. My principal is nearly a carbon copy from last years, so that is great! I may be the most comfortable of all the staff right now, because my scheduled seriously changed very little from last year. Just new faces. Except I REALLY miss my old faces! I got to see the staff from last year today. It made me SO sad. That staff has got to be the neatest group of ladies to ever work with. They raised me and taught me everything I know! I kind of feel like a baby bird leaving the nest hoping to fly. They were my mentors and friends, and SUCH great teachers.  I really miss my pirate friends!!!

But perhaps the biggest stress of being hired so fast and furious involves my most precious gem...

Yes, my little princess.
My abrupt change from home all day to working until wee hours at night has created a new case of separation anxiety. She is cranky more, not sleeping at night again, and will not let me leave the room without her. She has been hanging with her daddy this week, so at least she is still getting to be home. I am not exactly sure where she is going this year. I have a great daycare lined up in October, but until then, well I don't know. I cannot stand the thought of taking her to a less than perfect place. We have called around and most places with up-to-my-standard-care have waitlists. So number one on my to do list right now is trying to find a place for Miss Addy.

YAY For a JOB!!!!!

And in other exciting news...A good friend of mine called yesterday and asked Addy to be her flower girl in April when she gets married. Yay!!! We are excited! As you can tell from the picture above Addy is all about jewelry and priss these days. She loves bracelets, necklaces, shoes, and purses! Can't wait to frilly it up for the wedding!

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