Friday, June 4, 2010


We took Addy swimming again yesterday. Well, we actually were taking my sister Hannah, but it was a great reason to give Addy another chance to catch some rays! We sunscreened this beauty from head to toe, slapped on her suit and took off. I was very apprehensive because she was so sleepy by the time Bradley got off to go. However, it was GREAT!!! She loved it! She was splashing, kicking, and kept diving from Bradley to me, back and forth. It was a great time! We only swam for thirty minutes, but it was so nice!! I loved being in the cool water myself!
Bradley thought these were pretty tricky!
I had to include this last one! Its not as clear, but the expression on Addy's face was what we got most of the swim! Pure elation to be playing in the water! We will definitely be doing more swimming!

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