Sunday, June 13, 2010

11 Months!

Hello All! Guess what day it is??? I am 11 months old!! WooHoo! They next time you hear from me I will be one stinkin year old! Boy am I getting big. I have made so many changes since last month. I had my top two teeth break through. They aren't really coming in to fast, but thank goodness they are out! It was so bad that I was Welcoming those teething tablets mom gives me. I have several more teeth that are starting to show little bumps on my gums and mom says she can tell the war isn't won yet. I am also totally done with baby food! Yep no more mush for me. Mom thinks that made all the difference in the world. I LOVE to eat now. I have four bottles of formula a day, and I ALWAYS finish them. I eat all three of my meals and my snack, and I get very excited to eat now. I am still pretty picky. Don't go thinking I am going to eat any gosh darn thing you put in front of me. My favorites are any meats, bread, and I LOVE mango. I have some mango for breakfast each morning. That stuff is delish! I have gotten very good with my cup. Mom has started putting my formula in the cup. I don't mind it, but I am not real sure what she wants from me. She acts like I am supposed to just sit down and drink it all, but I just want to sip on it. If mom takes it back, I don't care. I don't need formula. I prefer juice and water anyway. So for now I am still using bottles just to make sure I get all those calories. I get up every morning and watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I think he is the bomb! Then the TV goes off and mom and I get to hang out together all day! I take two naps a day that are two hours and sometimes longer. Mom cannot believe how much being at home has helped me with eating, sleeping, and being cheerful. I told her if you hung out in one room all day everyday with a bunch of crying babies, you'd be a little moody too! I have almost gotten rid of my pacifier too! I know I just keep getting more amazing! It stays in my bed all day and I only get it when I lay down for naps or bedtime. I don' t miss it at all!

My favorite thing of all time right now is being outside. Every morning we get up and after breakfast mom and I hang out outside until naptime. I LOVE to play in the backyard with my puppy Sally. I call her pa-pa (like dada with a 'p'). I am trying to say Puppy . I am very clear with mama and dada. I often feel the need to scream MAMA and DADA...look at whichever, and then I laugh. I crack myself up! Some of my other favorite things are: playing with Sally through the back windows, climbing up anything, emptying out the diaper bag, playing with my farm animals that make sounds, going for walks, and 'talking on the phone.' I always put it to my ear and say 'dada?' No answer. I think the darn thing it broke.

Some of my I-will-scream-bloody-murder-if you-make-me not so favorites are: coming back inside after being out, washing my face, wiping my nose, having my diaper changed, and being put in the car seat. Mom says I am fixing to get a big girl seat. She hopes I like it better and so do I. I am tired of being squished in that little carrier. I almost weigh enough to be promoted! Well I have bragged enough for today, but man do you blame me? I am a rockstar! I am still that sassy little girl that wants things MY way. I am learning that maybe I am not so in charge as I first thought. Turns out mom can be a little stubborn too. I am still perfecting my tantrums, but I practice quite often.

And walking, well I have taken four or five steps on my own. Everyone always gets SO excited like its a big deal. Have you ever taken a step and fell flat on your RUMP?? It hurts! I do have this diaper for a little cushion, but these things aren't made like they used to make em. Now they seem to think less it more. Well less cushion...not so cool. I am very close to walking, just haven't made up my mind that I want to take it on full time. Let you know as that one progresses!

Stroller ride

Playing in my pool on the porch

Trying out the mowers at Home Depot...this one Daddy!

Looking for Sally out the window

Grandpa's Idea of a hat is jammies on the head!
So kiddos, I am outta here for today! See you on my birthday!! WooHoo!!

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