Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sick Yet Again

Yep...thats right! Addy has been sick again! This time it is a viral infection. She began to get very grumpy and tired on Tuesday evening and by Wednesday morning eat was nonexistant for that little girl. She didn't eat all day on Wednesday and had several diarrhea diapers. She was still not eating on Thursday,and we were blaming her fussiness on teething, when I got a call from the daycare that she was breaking out in a rash! They thought it was some kind of food off to the doctor we go.

She has a viral infection that was making her break out. She gets little rashes on her cheeks, arms and torso. She is finally eating again and diapers are back to normal, but she is still doing some extra sleeping. Hopefully, healthiness is around the corner...we have a busy day tomorrow!

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