Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eight Months

Hello guys! It's me again. I LOVE it when mom lets me at this computer. I work magic on it. The other day I got to it before mom caught me. She later realized that her 'H' key no longer worked. I told her knew how to fix it, but she wouldn't listen. She happen to leave it on the floor again (you'd think she would learn by now!!) and when I got done with it, that 'H' key was as good as new. Computer genius in the making right here! I am doing so much new stuff. I am amazing! Mom and dad are constantly cracking up. I know it too, I love to laugh when everyone else is. Here are some of those great things I am doing. Mom says to bullet point them...she is a little OCD on lists.

  • I have TWO teeth! My two front bottom teeth. They aren't up all the way yet, but getting there. I sure glad that teething is over and they broke the gums. That hurts! It just made me cranky all day. Now that I have teeth, it just messes up the whole pacifier idea. I don't like trying to suck on it with teeth, so I put my pacifier in crooked so it is beside my teeth, not on top of them. It usually makes it where I can't breathe out of one side of my nose, but I don't mind. I don't need that pacifier much anyway. Mom says I only get it for one more month and she is taking it. We will see. I still use it a lot at bedtime, but only at first. I don't hardly ever actually sleep with it.
  • Speaking of sleep, I have decided I like to sleep all night. I feel so much better in the morning. I love to wake Mom and Dad up by standing up in bed and screaming at the top of my lungs. Haha! I crack myself up. They come in looking all sleepy, but I am wide awake and ready to play. It is really hard for me to go to sleep these days though. I just get to excited to stand up, and then I get to scared to turn loose! I just holler real loud and someone comes to get me back down.
  • I am standing like crazy. Mom and Dad expected me to be scared to take chances and not let go, but I ain't no chicken!! I love to turn loose just to see what happens. When I fall I just smile and try my best to get right back up. If I hold on to something like the couch or my dad's legs I can walk sideways. I will turn loose of something and quickly grab something else. I am so good! I love to practice walking when mom and dad hold on to me. I am always turning loose to see if I can stand on my own. I can for a few seconds, but I am still a little top heavy.
  • I am thinking about just skipping this crawling idea. Its kind of lame. I would rather practice walking. I can crawl..don't get me wrong. Its just seems to slow for the kind of moving I want to do. I am so good at going from crawling back to sitting, so most of the time I just take a few steps and sit. Plus, I have this foot that keeps getting curled up under my hiney and causes me to get all tangled up, so I sit. I am getting faster so I may give crawling a chance, but mostly I am crawling to something that I can pull up on.
  • I have decided that I have the sweetest voice ever, and I love to listen to it!! I just jabber all day. I love carrying on conversations with mom and dad. I also just love to see how loud I can screech! It is so high pitched that I have even scared myself a few times...but then I realize its just me and laugh. I can say Daaaaaa and Maaaaaa, so I don't know what the big deal is about DaDa and Mama, but I am going to keep everyone guessing for a while. If I am somewhere loud or too noisy, instead of listening I compete!! I see just how loud I can be over everyone else. I always win, of course.
  • I love to be outside. It was pretty enough a few days this week that mom took me outside to play. I enjoyed looking around. I saw these crazy black flying things that did lots of chirping! They were pretty neat flying around in the sky. That bright sun just insists on shining in my eyes. It really ticks me off, so mom bought me some sunglasses. I'm not too sure about them yet, but they do help solve the problem...And I look COOOOL!!!
  • I think I must be growing lately. For all you people that are as obsessed with eating as my mom is, here goes...I LOVE TO EAT AGAIN!!!! I am up to eating about 20-24 ounces of formula a day. That is still not even the minimum amount that an 8 month old should have, but it works for me. I have a cute round tummy and a few leg rolls to prove I am getting plenty. I love to feed myself and I go through those Gerber puffs like candy. I eat yogurt everyday for breakfast. That stuff is my favorite and it gets me going! I will keep you posted on my eating, but right now I am thinking it is ok.
My Grandma took some senior pictures I tagged along. Mom snapped some fun pictures of me in the few seconds I was still!
I am a Pickle Eating Girl!!

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