Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bathtime Faces

Addy loves her bath, so I thought I would try to get some 'non-revealing' pictures of her tonight. Her new trick is to stretch her legs out and cross her feet. She has found a new toy....the toes!! She is gaining great coordination of her legs and feet, as well as her hands.
Here are a few of Addy in her Princess towel. She probably should be queen instead. After all she DOES call the shots around here.
One of my favorite things about Addy Rae is her humorous faces. She has the biggest, prettiest dark blue eyes. She is constantly changes faces and it keeps us cracking up! These are some of the other things that Bradley and I find so special about Addy. I could go on forever, but here are a few of the favorites...
  • Her love of her reflection. She will look at herself forever.
  • The way she moves her mouth as if she is carrying on a conversation...but no sound is coming out.
  • How she will push her bottle out and get hysterical in the 2 seconds it's out.
  • When she gets herself flipped to her tummy while sleeping and will try to look over her bumper pads while hollering for help.
  • The way she won't hardly let you snap the top snaps on her jammies because everytime you get your hands close to her mouth she tries with all her might to pull them up to suck on your fingers.
  • The way she gets her ENTIRE fist into her mouth, and although it gags her she tries to stick it in farther.
  • The way she has begun thrusting her bottom off of anything it touches and tries to stand up. The carseat, bumbo, bathtub, floor, bed...anything
  • The way she lights up when we walk in her room in the morning and 'talks' as if she telling us about her sweet dreams from the night.

Well its pretty obvious we won't be getting rid of our Addy anytime soon. We love her way to much and would be lost without I said, she calls the shots!

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