Sunday, August 16, 2009

Growing Big!

This black outfit is one of my favorite onesies.
It says I Can't Wear Pink Everyday!

I haven't posted in several days. We have been really busy trying to figure out a schedule. Addy can easily stretch her feedings to every three hours now. She is getting so BIG!!! She doesn't seem like a newborn anymore. In fact, most of her newborn clothes are already to small! She is spending so much more time alert. She loves to be talked and sang to. She has just began to coo and figure out her tongue. She is constantly sticking it out or playing with it. She now can follow mine and Bradley's voices and figure out where we are in relation to her. She is beginning to interact with her toys as well. It was so cute the other day she was laying under her jungle gym. She hit the butterfly with her arm by accident. She froze for a moment and then flung her arm again to try to hit it. This time when she did she started kicking her feet so excited! She did this over and over for quite some time! Now she loves to play with the butterfly! I can't believe how fast she is maturing. She still is rolling over like crazy and has begun to scoot! She will get herself completely turned around from the direction you lay her in. She works her little legs to death trying so hard to go somewhere, she just can't get her arms moving.

Here is a video of Addy playing in her jungle gym. I will try to get one up of her punching on the butterfly!

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